Cookies · Utica,NY

Camp Cookies

Photo Jul 12, 2 59 27 PMOn days when my wife and I head to her parents camp at Pine Lake Park in the Adirondacks we often start our day downtown to grab coffee and croissants for the drive from two of Uticas’ and Baggs squares anchors Utica Coffee Roasting  and Utica Bread. This past week we lucked into what amounted to a perfect summer beach/camp getaway day, my sunburned shoulders can vouch for the beach day part as well.

Our first stop was Utica Bread, and they had an array of cookies available, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and thought, lets just grab a couple for camp. So while there were several varieties to drool over, I simply couldn’t resist the Chocolate chip cookies and I’m really glad I didn’t.  This cookie was the first one so far that has really reminded me of my childhood, it tasted a lot like the ones my Mom used to make  and who doesn’t love their Moms cookies. Looks are deceiving with this cookie, sure it looks thin, and darker than what you usually find, however that golden brown color is where all the flavor is. That first bite really grabs you and pulls you in as well, the crunch  leads to notes of warm melted butter, then the chocolate explodes in your mouth. Delightfully chewy, moist, and just really delicious. The Utica Bread Chocolate Chip cookie is easily top 2 in Utica for this cookie fan.

Onto that Utica Coffee Cookie which we grabbed with what else our coffee, while almost the same size as the Utica Bread cookie, they are so vastly different. This is a much meatier cookie, full of chunky chocolate, softer as well. Tasting this is an experience with a moist chewy underdone center, that I have said before I love in cookie. I would say it tasted a tad bit salty,  but in good way though.  As I was eating this cookie I kept thinking how good it would be as an ice cream sandwich. Another solid Utica Cookie for sure.

Baggs Square certainly has the chocolate chip cookie game on point it seems, now where else should I head in Utica or the surrounding area to experience a great cookie. I would love to hear your suggestions, I mean I’m really doing this all for the cookie.



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