Cookies · Utica,NY

Cookie Love

When I started writing I Did It All For The Cookie, I knew it would be appreciated by the local shops I was discovering and writing about, well at least I was hoping it would be. Lately I have had people say “hey you’re a blogger now, have them give you a free cookie” and while sure who doesn’t love free, I never intended to be that type of blogger.  I often don’t even mention who I am or what I do when I visit a place at all, rather I swoop in like a cookie ninja.  With all that being said, I certainly appreciate the recent “Cookie Love” that my wife and I have been receiving from some of our favorites.

This delicious and still warm Chocolate chip cookie from Lauren at Bite was so satisfying, it made a sunday morning that much better even if the wife did steal half of it. I also just realized that for the amount of time I actually spend at Bite which is once or twice a week sometimes,  I haven’t actually given them the write-up and review they deserve, I need to get on that.  Photo Jun 29, 8 11 52 AM

Then we have this amazing box of custom-made sweet treats from our good friend Christine at Christines’ Cookie shoppe, which was the location of my first review and honestly one of the sweetest little shops in Utica.

Photo Jun 28, 2 29 09 PM

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most amazing homemade gingersnaps from Melissa who just happens to be a Ginger who makes Gingersnaps and is one of those crazy cool girls that is super chill and totally UticAwesome. These gingersnaps were so good I was surprised that my wife hadn’t eaten them all before I got home, they were moist, buttery yet sweet, and oh so full of ginger goodness that it was hard to just eat one, that’s why I ate two.

Photo Jun 29, 7 28 17 AM So thanks for the love everyone and stay tuned,  because you never know when I might do it all for the cookie.


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