Cookies · Utica,NY

Cookie crumbs…

In the short couple months since I began writing about cookies it appears I have become known as Mr. Cookie at times around Utica, this tells me one thing at the very least people are reading and enjoying what I’m writing about, for that I would like to say; Thank You.

I have barely scratched the surface of all the delicious cookies Utica and beyond have to offer, and I’m really looking forward to continuing this adventure and sharing it with all of you.  Today as we often do The Smiths, thats My wife and I for those who don’t know,  were bouncing around the city on our day off  taking full advantage of Utica Restaurant Week and our Made In Utica, UticaPassport too [click those links to learn more]. Our adventures as they often to led us over to Bite for some desserts for later, and I wanted to show off this box of goodies and tease a couple of blog stories I’m working on for the summer. Photo Jun 14, 3 47 25 PM

Now I know what you are thinking,  that cake looks really good doesn’t it? Well ignore it, because I didn’t do this for cake I Did It All For The Cookie. Look at what is left inside the bog, for starters we have something that is a quintessential Utica dessert, yes the Half Moon Cookie a timeless classic that Uticans have enjoyed for years, a cookie that like many other Utica foods is different but yet delicious everywhere it is found, look for an entire blog post where I will dive in, sample and photograph as many different Half Moons as I can find.

Onto those other goodies that want to jump out of that box and right into you mouth. Those are Macarons a French pastry/cookie that has sort of taken Utica by storm in the last couple months. I’m really looking forward to learning a bit more about this delicate treat, tasting the never ending variety of flavors they can be found in,  and writing a exciting and mouth-watering must read too.

I’m always looking for some cookie ideas, places to explore, stories to write, so if you have any ideas let me now here or on the all new I Did It All For The Cookie Facebook page as well, which you should be sure to like and follow as well.


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