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When you begin a new adventure you are often unsure how it will be received, or if people will even read it as was the case when I decided to start blogging about cookies. Well Utica is an amazing community and the feedback and love for I Did It All For The Cookie, has so far been UticAwesome and I must say thank you for that. Utica is full of its cheerleaders, its mothers, its fathers, people and or businesses that will support you without question as long as the work you’re doing is honest and good, this is what led me to The Tram.

Every now and then there is a story needs to be told, well this story begins at Made In Utica Day, an event put together by the Made In Utica team showcasing Places, Business, Events, all things Utica. My wife Amy and I attended and while we were hanging out we were Cookie Bombed! Robin the owner of The Tram, swooped in like a superhero and shoved 3 cookies in our bag, a Chocolate chip, a Gingersnap, and a Chocolate Raspberry,  all I heard her say was “They might not be the best but I wanted you to try them”.  It was at this moment I knew that Utica was behind what I was trying to do, people were listening and one of Uticas biggest cheerleaders had acknowledged my silly little cookie blog. Sadly I never even got to try those cookies, because they were apparently so good my wife ate all three of them on me.

That all changed today, on one of the nicest days of the entire spring I found my way navigating the maze of streets caused by the Arterial construction near Lincoln Ave.  just so I could finally get my hands on some Tram cookies and let me tell you, these cookies were worth the wait.

Tram cookies are homemade and I stress that because all I kept thinking while I was eating these cookies was how they just felt like what you would find in any home, anywhere in Utica where someone felt like baking cookies, except these were done to really, really well. I was able to grab both the Chocolate chip and Gingersnap as those were all that was available, neither left me disappointed in fact I even forget I was  looking forward to the Chocolate Raspberry cookie. IMG_9137

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most American of cookies, in fact they were first created in 1938 in Wakefield, MA at the Toll House Inn, now I only bring that up because as I was eating The Tram Chocolate chip cookie all I kept thinking was this is Americana, this is what a perfect homemade chocolate chip cookie is supposed to taste like. In fact my wife even said “you can taste the love in every bite” and for a change,  she was right.  These are large cookies, in fact today that were on that legendary Utica Mannys cookie level size, and because it was a warm day as well, they stayed warm all day too. On your first bite you get a crunch, followed by a buttery, soft, moist, chewy, gooey cookie that screams like mom used to make with just the right amount of chips to make them a near perfect cookie.  I could eat these all day long if I was allowed too, they were that good.


Inhale, “can you smell the ginger”, that’s what I said when I began unwrapping this Gingersnap, they smell so wonderful you almost want to bite write in before unwrapping them however that might seem a bit strange right. Gingersnaps often remind me of my Christmas and my Grandma, she loved those Archway Gingerbread cookies, and I loved to eat them with her. This cookie was so good I wished I could have shared it with my Grandma, I know she would have loved it. The delicate sugary coating, the soft yet heaviness of the cookie itself is such a joy to eat, they are packed with ginger that lingers in your mouth as you ponder how good that cookie you just ate was. I would without question say this is the best Gingersnap I have ever eaten.

So I am going to challenge all of you to navigate the maze,  because there are some really incredible treats waiting for you to discover at The Tram. They are made with a Love that you can taste, they will make you think of home, make you pause for a moment and just get lost in how good they really are. Don’t do it for me, do it for Robin, do it for The Tram, do it for Utica but most of all Do It All For The Cookie!



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