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“Rainbows are visions, but only illusions, and rainbows have nothing to hide…” If you were to say the word Rainbow in Utica you are likely talking about the man known simply as Rainbow, a colorful charismatic individual that will sing a happy birthday to a stranger and always puts a smile on your face. Well folks there is a new Rainbow in town and it is one that you will also want to know about, a Rainbow that you can take home with you, a Rainbow you can hold in your hands and it too will put a smile on your face. This Rainbow however will be short-lived and elusive, but when you get ahold of one you will want to brag about it to anyone who will listen.

Photo May 08, 8 31 12 AM

I suppose I should tell you what is inside that brown paper bag, This folks is The Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookie and it is a cookie I feel you would only discover in a big city bakery, but instead you can find this rainbow right here in downtown Utica at Bite Bakery and Café. I’m not surprised Bite is bringing this cookie to Utica, Bite itself is a colorful exciting bakery with that big city feel, and the centerpiece for the rebirth of Downtown Uticas Franklin Square.


Rainbows themselves are fleeting, they make you want to take a picture and share it to your Instagram, your Facebook, your twitter anywhere you can show off what you’re seeing well these cookies are no exception and I would urge you to share these as well. Each cookie is its own individual work of art a one of a kind food masterpiece where no two will be exactly alike, kind of like well you guessed it a Rainbow.

I know what your thinking, do they taste as good as they look?  Well I didn’t get up early today and to be the first in line to not answer that question. Honestly the answer is no, they taste even better. The coloring has no impact on the taste whatsoever, and these are big cookies folks, anyone familiar with the long-lost Mannys Chocolate chip cookie these are that big if not bigger. The cookie itself is full of the most delicious chocolate chips in fact it is hard to take a bite and not get at least a chip or two. Something about the coloring makes this cookie so much fun to eat, almost like you were a kid savoring each bite. The cookie is soft and just chewy enough with that subtle taste of left over cookie dough lingering in your mouth.IMG_8278

Rainbows folks vanish quickly, much like most of the treats at Bite do actually. So if you are lucky enough to happen downtown on a weekend, which is when I’m told these colorful cookies will be re- appearing then try to get your hands on one, I mean I did it all for the cookie, and you can too. Feel free to share your Bite Rainbows with me on instagram or twitter and be sure to tag #BiteUtica as well.



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