Cookies · Easter · Utica,NY

Butter What…

I pondered where to take our cookie quest with Easter approaching, and while there were all sorts of options, one place and one cookie stuck out in my mind. Now keeping in mind that “I Did It All for The Cookie” I let that cookie guide me to Holland Farms Bakery & Deli on the Boulevard in Yorkville.  Now if you are from Utica, or most anywhere else in Central New York you probably have heard of Holland Farms and their famous Jelly Buns, heck they dedicate an entire month to them, or those delectable Half-moon cookies that drive us all mad too. Well neither of those were on my shopping list when I parked under the watchful eyes of Cupcake and Chucky the sort of Iconic mascots of Holland Farms.

It was early on a Thursday morning and the Bakery was buzzing with activity and the air filled with enthusiasm. While I waited to pick up some of the Fancy Easter themed Butter cookies I browsed the other treats that were available, donuts, cakes, Easter breads, half-moons and so much more. It didn’t help that I was hungry and really wanted just about one of everything in the case either. Thankfully as busy as it seemed there was more than enough staff around to help, filling orders, bringing more goodies out from the back, and even answering the phone which seemed to never stop ringing with Easter orders.

What I love about these cookies is you can always count on some fun seasonal or holiday themed cut outs to be available, and they taste good too. I managed to grab all three flavors, Easter bunny, Easter chic and Easter egg, because I knew one cookie would just not be enough. IMG_8034

 The butter cookie itself is relatively light, flakey, buttery and sort of smooth, a classic taste that you imagine you parents and maybe even their parents enjoyed. The icing is sweet, and just sugary enough to compliment the buttery goodness. Together they offer a perfect cookie for any event. Oh, and before I forget, that Easter egg had one of those pure sugar candy décor pieces that were often used on cookies and cakes back in the day on it as well and I for one love those tasty bits of nostalgia.IMG_8035

These cookies are worth adding to your Easter Shopping list, why because they make a nice addition to an Easter basket, offer a nice break from all the Candy and feel like a cookie you might have gotten from a forgotten era. Happy Easter and  Take my advice, leave the Butter lamb in the cooler case, and Do it all for the Butter Cookie instead.


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