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My cookie quest began March 29th, on what just happened to be opening day for Christine’s Cookie Shoppe in the 171 building on Genesee Street in downtown Utica. A building itself that is undergoing a grand transformation and bringing new life to downtown. This was not my first time enjoying the delightful cookies that Christine makes, in fact not my second or third time even, but it had been quite a while. A few observations on the new shop, for starters it is simple, modern, clean, and beautiful all at the same time. While the work on the new storefront was not quite finished, you could see it is going to be one of those great little hidden gems of downtown. Christine was her usual bubbly self, just another reason why she is #UticAwesome, running between the counter and the kitchen making sure cookies were available to those that visited on opening day all while saying Hi, There and thank you to everyone for stopping in.


I knew going in that if they were available I would opt for two of my all times favorites because I wanted to make my first reviews as tasty as possible.  The classic chocolate chip and the frosted sugar cookie are always my go to cookies and as luck would have it they were both available!  It was hard to not to dive right into the box and eat them at one of the lovely little tables in the shop; however, I had yet to eat lunch and really wanted to photograph them at home before eating I mean tasting and reviewing them. So as hard as it was to resist, I accepted the challenge and the cookies made it home safely and were ready and willing to let me have my way with them when I was ready. IMG_7928


I must tell you the gourmet chocolate chip cookies that Christine’s bakes are nothing short of a tantalizing treat for your taste buds, a sort of reward for all the bad things you put in your mouth that don’t really taste good. On the surface, they look like a perfect little cookie, and in fact they are nearly flawless, in my opinion. As you take that first bite you hear and feel a light crunch, then notice how simply soft and delicate these cookies really are. That classic taste of cookie dough “you know the taste, not the cookie dough ice cream taste, the taste from just licking the spoon when you’re making cookies” with just the right amount of chocolatey chip goodness on the finish. This cookie melts in your mouth, the amount of chocolate chips is perfectly balanced for the size of the cookie. Going forward, it may be a very hard feat to find a better chocolate chip cookie than these, but I’m up for that challenge. IMG_7956

Now let’s dive into that stunning frosted sugar cookie, I mean it is almost too pretty to eat, right? Almost. A near perfectly round cookie with a more than generous amount of icing delightfully garnished with some pink and gold sugar sprinkles. This is one darn good looking cookie and it tastes even better than it looks.  The first bite is a nothing short of wonderful, the icing is light and sweet but not too sweet, smooth as silk and tickles and teases your senses. The cookie itself is dense, yet still flakey, and together the icing and cookie complement each other perfectly. In fact, if you get some sprinkles in your bite you get a sugary sweet crunch that just adds to the enjoyment of these scrumptious cookies.  These are real dessert cookies; serve them after dinner and your guests will beg to know where you got them.IMG_7953


Both cookies leave you wanting more because they are experiences that you will want to live over and over again. If you happen to call Utica home or are just visiting The U, as I like to call our town, these are cookies you want to put in your mouth. Christine’s has several other cookies options available as well and I may even revisit them to try some others when they have their grand opening and ribbon cutting in April on the 28th at 4pm. Until then I need to figure out whose cookies to eat, I mean photograph and review (wink, wink) next. I would love to hear your thoughts on cookies, this blog or on where to go and what to try. Look for me on Twitter or Instagram.  Honestly, I simply did it all for “The Cookie”.


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