I Did It All For The Cookie…

I did it all for the cookie, yes “The Cookie” those delectable treats we often enjoy as a tasty snack or maybe even a scrumptious dessert.  Most everyone has their favorite type of cookie, mine happen to be chocolate chip, frosted sugar, gingerbread, peanut butter blossoms, you get the picture – I like cookies.  I ask you, have you ever thought “I wonder where you can get the best chocolate chip cookie in town?” Have you ever treated yourself to a cookie after lunch at a local restaurant and were blown away by how good it was?  Hey, who remembers Manny’s Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Those may be the benchmark that all chocolate chip cookies are judged on for most Uticans. Boy, what I would give for one of those right now. That is why I am about to embark on a journey to discover all the great cookies around town, around the state, anywhere the cookie crumbles.


 Let me take a brief step back first and tell you a little about myself and how we got here. For starters, I’m old, that is, if you consider 40 old. I grew up in Sauquoit and have lived in South Utica for the last 10 years with my partner in crime and wife, Amy. We are both avid photographers and co-owners of SMITH Imagery, along with our normal day jobs. Utica has our heart and we love our city like no other! A few months back I had this idea that I wanted to write a blog; I wanted it to be unique and to be something no one expected out of me. I have friends that blog like my buddy Arian and his blogs The Urban Phoenix, for which I am also a photo correspondent; and Rochester Guy. I love the great stuff that comes out of the UticAwesome Made in Utica team like the Hungry Utican’s. Keeping these blogs in mind I pondered what could I do, what would be my “thing”.  I had sort of let the idea of blogging settle into the back of my mind for a while because I really wasn’t sure what to write about and couldn’t get behind a single idea. Flash forward to February 2017, while eating one of those randomly delicious chocolate chip cookie finds you never expected to be as good as it was, I thought, “I’m going to write about cookies, take their picture, and review them!” I guess in a way I did it all for the cookie. It’s a completely random idea, one that makes both perfect sense and no sense at all, and that’s what I love about it. I mean who decides to write about, review, and photograph cookies just because? Only Cookie Monster or someone who like me really likes cookies.


So here we are about to start on what I hope is a delicious adventure, and all of you get to come alone as well because my good friends at Made in Utica want to know all about cookies too!  As a photographer, taking pictures will be easy. As a fan of cookies, tasting them will be a treat. The hardest part will be honestly telling you what I think, I am sure there will be some better “left as crumbs” cookies out there, let us try to not find those, but if we do I won’t hold back on my review I promise you that. Enough of me boring you, I’m kind of hungry, I mean I did it all for the cookie after all.



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